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Call Us Today!
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It is difficult to find an affordable, reliable automotive service facility that you can trust. So, we work extra hard to offer you dependable, reasonably-priced mechanical work.

We even offer a variety of automotive services completely free of charge.

So whether you’re hearing strange noises, having a hard time getting your car into gear, or simply need a brake inspection, bring your vehicle to Clutches N More for quality service and reasonable rates.

 We offer expert automotive repair, specializing in:

  • Clutches
  • Axles
  • Differentials
  • Brakes
  • Transfer Cases
  • Transmissions
  • N More!
Don't pay for clutch diagnosis.
Clutches are really pretty simple. The technology is ancient. The operation is basically the same for any vehicle. Symptoms are almost always definitive. In other words, an experienced clutch specialist should be able to tell you what is wrong in a very short time. There is seldom any justification for charging for clutch diagnosis. Bring your vehicle to us. Within an hour or so, we will call you with a diagnosis and complete quote.

There are two untruths commonly associated with CV axle sales.

Many repair people will tell a customer that both CV axles need to be replaced at the same time. The stated theory is that when one fails, the other is not far behind. This is not usually true! Axles do not wear as a pair or at the same rate. On most vehicles, the left front axle will fail first. The right axle may last for several more years. There is no way to tell and no real justification for replacing both if no actual problem can be found.
Many service facilities will sell axle replacement or CV boot replacement based entirely on surface cracks on the boot. This usually is a waste of resources. Boots with visible surface cracks (not ripped or leaking grease) may last for years. There is no real advantage in replacing them before they begin to fail.
We are happy to inspect your axles for free whenever your vehicle is being serviced in our shop.

Preventative maintenance of differentials is extremely important.
This is an obvious truth, but one that is universally ignored! Change gear oil! Use appropriate additives. Check for leaks regularly. These maintenance operations are inexpensive and effective. Gear mechanisms are made up of heavy steel parts. Lubrication is all-important. If well maintained, barring abuse, most of these mechanisms will last the life of your vehicle. This is true of differentials, transfer cases and manual transmissions.
Bring your vehicle to us every 30,000 miles for gear oil change and the best choices in additives.

To stay safe, have brakes evaluated by an expert.
In an effort to save money, many vehicle owners will attempt to repair their own brakes. Replacing brake pads looks simple enough. Why not save the cost of a professional repair? Because only an experienced professional will be able to see details about the entire brake system. Brake pads and shoes are only the friction points at which the brake system interacts with the rolling wheels. The entire operation of the brake system is elsewhere. Master cylinder, wheel cylinders, calipers, return springs, hold down hardware, slide pins and so on. The list goes on. Will you (or your brother-in-law) be able to evaluate the dependability of all these working components? Probably not.
Bring your vehicle to us regularly for a complete brake inspection and report.

We specialize in transfer case repair!
In fact, we are gear experts! Transfer cases, differentials and manual transmissions require a specialized knowledge set (not to mention special tools and experience). At Clutches N More, we have the depth of knowledge required for all your gear needs.
Transfer cases employ some unique features that require special diagnostic and repair skills. Drive chains and viscous couplings are among the unusual features of 4-wheel drive transfer cases.


Transmissions fail due to abuse, lack of maintenance and plain old wear-and-tear. When a transmission fails, it is always expensive. Let us soften the blow by providing expert, in-house repair expertise and affordable labor rates.
Don't know what the problem is? Bring your vehicle to us for diagnosis and good, sound advice.
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